November 22, 2016

It's okay, it is just homesick

Soo happy to be a new marriage couple.
But after married..
The new life story is start begin..
I really happy guys to realize that my love story is not ended like shit with the distance, but that I never imagine, after I am start my new life with my love, I have to leave my life before.. Not really leavin' but there's the new long distance story about my life.. 
The scariest ever..
Long distance relationship with
My family
My friends
And all of my career

It still a same clue guys, life is a choice.
You should choose and take a risk of what you choose.
So here I am now.

Maybe I'm wrong that I've been saying "I think that anyone should be missing me, cuz I don't know they're really need me or just me needed them" its.. You know.. Its totally wrong.. I forget that if anyone miss me, I have to miss them too 😢 (I cried guys really cry) 

I'm happy that I life and always beside my husband.. But I want them (my whole big familly and anything) too. Is it wrong?
I wish that's nothing wrong. 

I think this is just because it's new.. 
I wish that I'm strong enough